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6061 T6 aluminiozko xafla koadroduna


6061 T6 pattern aluminum plate introduction

6061 pattern aluminum plate is processed from 6061 aluminum plate as the base plate. It belongs to Al-Mg-Si alloy, which has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect.


Jatorrizko lekua:Txina
Marka izena:Hengjia
Model zenbakia:6061
Zabalera :100-1850mm
Gutxieneko Orden Kopurua:50KGS edo pertsonalizatua
Packaging Details:Sea Worthy Paketatze estandarra
Delivery Time:7-15 egun
Estandarra:GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,etc
Hornitzeko gaitasuna:10000 tona / hilabete
estandar teknikoak
AlloytenpleaLodiera (mm)zabalera (mm)luzera (mm)Aplikazio
6061 t6aluminum checkered sheetT60.8-8.0100-1850500-16000·Anti-skid cold storage, floor and carriage·

5052 aluminum Pattern plate standard is a kind of used to make mechanical floor, can be used in the construction of mechanical stairs and some ship industry, is a relatively strong building iron plate. Pattern plate is also used more in the transportation industry, is currently used more widely. Pattern plate is made of composite metal, so the ability to resist corrosion is very strong, and not easy to deformation, there is a good anti-skid ability, most easy to slip place will use pattern plate.


Produktuen ezaugarri

Hengjia Aluminum 6061 T6 pattern aluminum plate production advantages:

A: It has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

B: It has high hardness and certain load-bearing capacity.

C: It has good anti-slip effect and is cheap.

D: Excellent product quality makes the patterned aluminum plate of Hengjia Aluminum popular in the domestic and foreign markets

Aplikazioen eremuak

6061 T6 pattern aluminum plate application:

1. 6061 T6 pattern aluminum plate is widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, automobiles, tractors, railway cars and construction industries;

2. Because of the protruding edge on its surface, the decorative aluminum plate can be used as floor, workshop escalator, work frame pedal, ship deck, car bottom plate, etc.;

3. 6061 T6 pattern aluminum plate is used for pedals of walkways and stairs of workshops, large equipment or ships. It is a steel plate with diamond shape or lentil shape pattern pressed out on the surface.



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